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Seroquel XR in treatment of bipolar disorder

Two randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies assessed the efficacy of Quetiapine extended release ( Seroquel XR ) in patients with bipolar disorder: the first ( Study 002 ) examined acute depressive symptoms in patients with bipolar I or bipolar II disorder, while the other ( Study 004 ) examined acute manic symptoms in patients with bipolar I disorder.

The data demonstrated that patients suffering from either bipolar depression or bipolar mania treated with once-daily Quetiapine monotherapy experienced significant symptom reduction as early as the first week of treatment, compared to placebo, and that significant reductions were maintained for the duration of both studies.

Study 002 enrolled 280 acutely depressed adult patients with either bipolar I or II disorder.
In patients receiving Quetiapine extended release 300 mg once daily, MADRS ( Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale ) score was significantly reduced from baseline after eight weeks of treatment compared with placebo ( -17.4 vs. -11.9, P